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Janet G. Coonce, MS

Curriculum Vitae

Chemistry Videos YouTube Channel

All videos were recorded by Janet Gray Coonce, MS

Software engineer for smartphone apps:  Daniel Coonce, BS

This blog, transcriptions and comments:  James C. Gray, MD FACOG

Publisher’s statement:

This blog, transcriptions, notes and comments are by a retired obstetrician and gynecologist who also happens to be Janet’s father.  An understanding of basic chemistry and a commitment to life-long learning is essential to anyone planning a career in health sciences.  It is hoped that notes from a physician’s perspective will be helpful to students taking chemistry regardless of what they plan to do with this knowledge.

Daniel Coonce is Janet’s husband and father of their 2 children. Daniel’s dedication and willingness to contribute countless hours to make this information available to mobile users has inspired this family project.

Whether you are visiting this site by desktop browser, tablet or cell phone, we hope we have contributed to you achieving a better understanding of chemistry.

James C. Gray, MD FACOG

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